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Email templates are one of the best ways to have fast communication in this business world. It will save your time by refraining you to create an email from scratch every time. Here is how you can add the email templates in your web to print store.

Ajax Cart provides a better shopping experience by allowing customers to add any product to the cart without navigating the product’s detail page.

You can display more discount offers or coupon code offers on the cart page when the customers add the product(s) into the cart. You have to enable the cart slider functionality and that's it. Here is how you can do it.

Google Analytics is the best tool to track the performance and perform an in-depth analysis of the website. Here is how you can link Google Analytics to your website and analyze your website.

You can also add your Web Store’s Instagram profile on the Web page. You must get the Instagram access token key by registering the client ID. Here is how you can register your Instagram account on your website.

You need to Rebuild Css whenever you add any snippet from the page builder. Once you save the page, you will get a pop-up. Here is a brief explanation.

BYI 3.0

3D preview gives your customers a 360° view of the products. Once you customize your mug using the 2D preview mode, you'll have the option to see it in a 3D preview. This video demonstrates the process for achieving that.

3D preview provides your customers to view the products they have designed in a three dimensional view. Let’s explore in this video the way to enable 3D preview for the product.

Orientation and Output type helps your customers customize their products accordingly. This video will help you to understand the way to set the Orientation and Output type for each photobook product.

Canvas Resize lets your customers decide the height and the width of the product as per their requirements. Let’s explore the way to set the maximum/minimum height and width for the canvas resize.

With the help of Tier Pricing your customers will be able to buy bulk products at a discount or lesser price than it would actually cost. From this video you will get to know the way to add tier pricing.

Your customers will be able to add images from their system as well as from their social media like Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos in order to customize their product. This video gives a detailed explanation of the way to upload the images from Instagram.

BYI 2.0

As the name itself suggests it will assist the user with the ruler & gridline while designing the product in the product designer tool. Here is the elaborated video of how our Ruler & Gridline feature works.

Manage designer feature lets you enable or disable certain features of the product designer tool for a certain product. Watch out for this video to know more about the Manage Designer Feature.

Building a print store on Magento just got smoother thanks to our Magento Web to Print Solution. With all the required store features and eCommerce workflow, quickly tap into online opportunities. You are a click away to know how you can set up your eStore.

HotFolder is a cross-platform desktop application. You can download the Product design Images and details of placed orders through Brush Your Ideas Designer tool. It is easy to create special folders on your system as per the destination folder of your choice.

This video showcases how you can add configurable products (Products with different colors, sizes, and brands) to your Prestashop store and sync it with a product designer tool for your customers to customize.

This video showcases how you can add simple products (products with a single color, size, and brand) to your Prestashop store and sync it with a product designer tool for your customers to customize.