Customers can apply background patterns from this section. Customers can use any of the patterns set by admin or use any image as a custom pattern. To set custom design pattern go to Product Designer → Mange Clipart Categories and mark the category as a pattern in the setting.

There are two ways customers can use this feature:

Existing patterns:
You can offer a library of patterns to your users. Users can select any of them and use them in the image as a pattern. You can upload patterns from backend in the pattern category.

Custom Background Pattern:
Customers can select any of the image files and make it as a background pattern. To use an image as a pattern, select the image on the canvas and click on the `make a pattern` button in the `Tool section` in the `Designer section` on the right side.

You can apply various operations on the pattern as:

Pattern Type:
~Repeat Pattern:
To repeat the pattern on the canvas.
~No Repeat:
To use a single image as a pattern.
~Repeat X Pattern:
To repeat the pattern horizontally.
~Repeat Y Pattern:
To repeat the pattern vertically.

Pattern Size:
To set the zooming effect on the pattern.

Pattern Offset:
To move the pattern horizontally and vertically.

Pattern Angle:
To rotate the image to a certain angle.

Pattern Padding:
To control padding in between images of the pattern. You can also reset or delete the pattern from here