Which Printing Methods are Suitable for Trophies?

The trophy shop provider is the one who offers the customized trophies to award the winning teams or the individuals for their achievements. As per Entrepreneur magazine, the demand for trophy products keeps increasing as the sports industry is growing. The trophy business can be started under $5000 and the profit ranges up to $10000.

But before starting any business you need to know what are the required resources and processes to get started. Right from defining the target audience to launching the website, you will get the elaborated details in this step by step guide. Below are some printing methods you can use to print trophies.

Printing Methods

Digital Printing 

Digital printing allows you to produce multi-color artwork onto acrylic, crystal, glass. As long as the surface is flat there are little to no restrictions. The only con is the print can be exposed and is open to scratching and damage. You can consider this method when you need to keep the facet of the artwork transparent.

Sublimation Printing 

In sublimation printing, the design is usually printed in reverse onto a special paper using special ink. The paper is then placed on the design surface and put through the high temperature and pressure for a short time. 

After its cooling, now it’s time to transfer the image on the design surface by peeling the special paper.

Other Methods

Laser Engraving 

3D Engraving



UV Printing 

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