Which are popular printing methods for mugs?

Whether you want to sell custom coffee mugs or to use them for the promotion of your brand both are possible. As the mugs are the all-time favorite of the shoppers. There might be hardly anyone who doesn’t drink a beverage at least once a day. Imagine having a written quote on it or any design when you pick up the mug? Won’t that make your day?

Well if you are looking to open an online mug printing business to unleash creativity you should know what are the required steps to get ahead and which printing method to select. Below is the list of popular printing methods to print the mugs. Grab a mug and read till last!

Dye Sublimation Printing

Want crystal clear results? Dye Sublimation printing is your way to go. It offers crystal clear results with vibrant colors. As it uses organic dyes and heat transfers to move the ink to the mug. This makes the design brand new and sustainable.

Such a printing method is suitable for printing promotional mugs that need accurate color reproduction. It is also an eco-friendly process as it eliminates the use of harmful substrates like calcium and leads.

Direct Screen Printing

Want simple designs on the earthenware and bone china mug, then digital screen printing is ideal. In this method, the ink passes through a mesh or a screen, and then the stencil is applied to the stretched mesh. The little holes in the stencil affect the final output of the image.

This printing method is outstanding for the smaller designs and those that don’t demand extensive image registration and overlapping colors.

Transfer or Litho Printing

Also known as Litho printing, transfer printing is the old printing method. In this method, a printer prints the design or image on the special paper and then cover-coats it on the mug.

After the coating is once done, the print is transferred into a water slide transfer. The printer then applies it manually to the drinkware.

This technique is a little bit slower and more labor-intensive as compared with direct screen printing. But it also supports a wide range of printing colors which makes it suitable for printing promotional mugs.

Digital Printing

Digital printing refers to the direct printing of images or designs on the coated-paper. It also makes the use of waterslide transfer to apply the image to the substrate. It gives the full-color and permanent artwork look, making this an outstanding method for the wares that need high-quality images and text.

If you want to print cartoon images on earthenware products and bone china mugs this technique is perfect.

Pad Printing

Pad printing technology isn’t only a mainstream technique utilized in engraving logos on golf balls. It can likewise be utilized for drawing an image onto different items like mugs.

How to utilize pad printing for mugs: Pad printing utilizes elite materials like a printing pad, picture plate, and ink to step on an extraordinary picture design.

This system is able for printing logos on clay, glass, metal, silicone, and plastic mugs, yet not for stoneware mugs and other ceramics-like products.

The process is really like screen printing since it can print on curved surfaces. It can likewise take up to four spot tones or pre-blended ink tones, which limits the probability of undesirable picture distortion.

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