What Type of Material can We Use for Printing Labels?

The labels make the identification easier which also helps in giving information and warning. Below is the list of materials you can use for printing labels. 

High Gloss: Use this material if you want a good quality of the print. With this material, labels can be directly printed. Note that it can’t be written easily by hand.   

Semi-Gloss: The labels can be directly printed on semi-gloss paper. The only difference between the high gloss and semi-gloss material is that the high gloss paper has a higher shine.

Laser: The name itself says about the material. On the laser paper, the printer uses the laser instead of ink to create the image.

Metalized or White Polyester: Metalized polyester has a mirror-like finish which makes it look like stainless steel. White polyesters are available in both matte and glossy surfaces. It can be used for pipe labels and control panel labels. 

Industrial Vinyl: Industrial vinyl is good material for outdoor labels. It is weather and chemical resistant, with a rating of 9-11 years for UV fade resistance. 

Fluorescent and Foil Paper: Fluorescent are normally available in the color that stands out such as red, green, pink, and orange. Often they are mainly used as safety labels as they alert the people. Foil paper is available in both silver or gold, bright or dull. Both fluorescent and foil come with permanent adhesive. 

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