What Kind of Materials I can Use for Visiting Cards?

Printing business cards needs a great deal of examination prior to beginning. Read this step by step guide to own a successful business card printing line. After researching your market and competition it’s time to discuss what are the available materials for the business cards.

Common Materials for Business Cards

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Stainless Steel


Paper is a commonly used material for printing business cards. There are different types of papers, from thin to thick and uncoated to coated. There are even shades to choose from but you need to check printers before using different papers. 

Like the paper comes with many attributes, the price can vary as well. You can get the thin paper at a low price. It folds easily and looks scratched. So it is preferable to invest in thick paper.


You can also use plastic for printing business cards, but most clients prefer to use paper instead of plastic. It can’t be folded like paper, but they are quite more expensive than the thickest paper card. 

Before selecting the plastic material, you should know your printer beforehand. All the printers can’t work with plastic.

Stainless Steel

This is one of the unique materials to print the business cards. You can have more unique cuts because the edge won’t rip as easily as paper cards. 

The only issue with stainless steel is its high production cost and finding a printer that is capable of printing on this material. 

These were some of the common materials used for the business cards. But, there are tons of other materials you can use like wood, fabric, leather,  etc. 

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