What is the name and number import feature and how to enable it in my store?

The name and number import feature lets you directly upload the file consisting of the details of name and number. Here is how you can enable name and number features in your store.       

Login to Backend

Go to Stores ➤ Configurations ➤ Product Designer Settings, you will land on the “Configurations” page. Now scroll down to the “Name Number Import” section and configure the following field. 

Enable Import CSV: Select “Enable” to enable the name and number import feature in your store.

After configuring the information, press the “Save Config” button to save it in your store.          


After all the configurations from the backend, the import option will be available in the “Name Number” tab.

Note: Name and Number feature is included in the Premium package.   

Read this article to know more about name and number import features.

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