What is the enable ruler and enable grid line option while setting the new product?

Ruler & Gridline feature lets your shopper design a product accurately. You can enable the ruler &  gridline feature at the global level or at the product level. Click on this link to configure the ruler & gridline at the global level. Let’s configure it at the product level.
Product Level Configurations
To enable the ruler & grid line for the particular product go to Catalog ➤ Products, you will land on the “Products” page. Now open the product in the “Edit” mode or click on the “Add Product” for the new product and scroll down to the “Product Designer” section. 

Now expand the “Product Designer” section and you will find the “Enable Ruler” and  “Enable Grid Line” option. 

Enable Ruler: Select “Yes” to enable the ruler at the frontend from the dropdown menu.
Enable Grid Line: Select “Yes” to enable the gridline at the frontend from the dropdown menu. 
After enabling the Ruler and Gridline, click on the “Save” button to save the configuration for your product. 
Note 1: Though you have configured the settings at the global level the preference will be given to the configurations at the product level.
Note2: Ruler & Gridline feature is part of the “Premium” package. 
In the frontend of the product designer tool, the ruler & grid line icon will be visible for the product for which the ruler & gridline are enabled at the product level in the product designer section.

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