What is the CMYK Section in the Product Designer Settings?

CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) is a well-known method for the printed materials. Printing machines mainly use the combination of CMYK to print the materials with the physical ink.  CMYK is a very important concept to consider in the print industry and here is how you can enable the CMYK option for your shopper.


To enable CMYK go to Store ➤ Configurations ➤ Product Designer Settings, you will land on the “Configurations” page.    

You can find the “Enable CMYK” option under the “CMYK” section.

Enable CMYK: Select “Yes” to display the CMYK input boxes in the color picker.

Note: If you have selected “No” then the RGB color picker will appear in the color picker tool. 

After configurations, click on the “Save Config” button to save it in your product designer tool.


After enabling CMYK from the backend, your shopper can see the CMYK boxes at the bottom of the “Custom” tab. Customers can choose the color by inserting the CMYK values 

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