What is Text Font and How to Manage Them? | BYI V3.0

Now your customers can add their favorite fonts with the help of the font feature. They can even add various effects. Let’s see how they will appear on the front end. But first, let’s have a look at the backend configurations. 


Navigate to the Product Designer ➤ Manage Font, you will land on the “Manage Font” page. From this page, you can manage the fonts completely. You can add, edit, delete, enable, and disable. To know more in detail, read this article.


After configuring the fonts from the backend, font-related configurations will be available on the frontend. For example, if you have configured Font Style, Color & Size from the backend then these options will appear on the front end for your customers. 

Shoppers can select their favorite “Font Style” and pick a color from the Color Picker.

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