What is Product Synchronization in WooCommerce?

Brush Your Ideas WooCommerce Product designer solution also enables you to manage the sync process of each record. It lets you sync your product manually as well as automatically.

  • To sync a product with Woocommerce Navigate to Products -> All Products.
  • You can see all the products created in the ‘WooCommerce’. The designer enabled product will be automatically synced once you enable it from the right-side panel of the product page.

  • You can find the Sync Now button and current sync status for each product. By clicking on it, immediately respective products will be synced in the designer tool.

  • The mass sync functionality is provided. Select multiple records and click on the Sync All button.
  • You can also apply the filter to search the products by their “Sync Status”. E.g. Synced, Pending, Progress, Error & Not Synced.
  • You can enable/disable the product designer from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown option by selecting a product or multiple products.


  • Products will be updated if already synchronized. But only specified fields will be updated.
  • Once the product is added with images and synced, you can change/update the images that are by inserting manually from both ends if required.
  • Only Simple and Variable.configurable types will be synced into the product designer backend and Grouped, External, Virtual, Downloadable products will not be synchronized.
  • For variable/configurable products, if attributes count doesn’t match the variation product’s count then that product will not be synchronized.
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