What is PhotoAlbum Add-on? (Photobook)

Photo Albums have come a long way from black, white and damp photos to fresh, colorful and creative ones. With the uprising trend of product personalization, now the customers look for photo album personalization as well. Brush Your Ideas’ Photo Album add-on is well suited for this purpose. It integrates easily with your website, comes with a user engaging UI and features to let your customers design their Photo albums in minutes.

There are total two default type of photo albums defined in BYI’s tool:

  1. Coffee Table product: Coffee Table products are a book like products with binding in between. If you want to provide a book like structure be it portrait orientation or landscape use this product type.
  2. Layflat products: Layflat products are products without binding in between. Like Newspapers. All the pages are printed/designed in these kinds of products.

What can you offer/create using this add-on?

  • With the purchase of this tool, you can provide the layouts, design idea, shapes as extra features along with the already existing designing features to your customers.
  • You can create multiple design ideas by adding the background and masking images. 
  • You can also create layouts. Layouts come without backgrounds. Designs can be created in the layouts and then your customers can add attributes inside those layouts.
  • Your customer will get the changes in attachment Slider including Photobook pages on the left side of the designer area.
  • Your customer can design the Photobook by dragging the uploaded images, adding the Clip art and the Text captions with Font effects on the pages.
  • Customers can add the new page in the slide with the help of “Add New Slide buttons”. Here new page design contains the only layout of the selected page.
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