What is Photo Calendar Add-on?

Let your customers add their favourite pictures and bring their memories to life for an entire year, with Brush Your Ideas’ photo calendar add-on. You can offer your customers with personalized calendars with photos, logos, text and showcase anything that matches their style and requirement! A major advantage of BYI’s Photo Calendar Design Add-on is that it supports any type of Ecommerce platform and integrates easily. 

Let’s have a look at some of the exclusive features of this tool:

  • Set Custom Pricing: You can set the custom pricing option and charge your customers for each and every attribute.
  • Manage Printing Methods: Now manage printing methods with an ease. It lets you set custom pricing if the pixels of the customer’s photo increases your current limit. You set a dynamic price listing for adding extra colors, DPI, designing extra areas etc. 
  • Resolution Warning: You can set resolution warnings for your customers. If the uploaded image is less than your pixel limits it’ll warn them to upload a picture with suitable resolution to avoid dead pixels and improve output quality.
  • Multiple Themes and templates: Your customers can add themes of their choices, all you need to do is add those themes to your backend and provide pre-designed templates.
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