What is Order Synchronization in WooCommerce?

After a customer has ordered the product(s), you can get into the Order list and synchronize the order to the designer tool from the WooCommerce Backend.

  • Navigate to WooCommerce -> Orders
  • You can see the Order list with the current Sync Status, and you can see the Sync Now button.  By clicking on the “sync now button”, the respective order will be synced immediately in the designer tool.
  • You can also sync multiple orders at once, by selecting multiple orders that you want to sync and then select the “synch now” button.
  • You can select multiple order records and sync all the records by clicking on the Sync All button.

Note: When the user places an order, it can be displayed on the WooCommerce -> Orders page. The order will be automatically synced into the designer tool if the product designing is enabled for that product. You can also filter the order by selecting a ‘month’ from All dates drop-down option and by their ‘Sync’ status. 

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