What is Manage Designer Features in the Product Designer?

With ‘Manage Designer Features’ you can manage the features such as alignment, layer, flips, tools, and much more on the right side of the designer tool.

Login to Backend

Go to Product Designer ➤ Manage Designer Features, you will land on the “Manage Designer Features” page. 

Now press the “Add New Designer Rule” to add the designer features and assign the product to it. 

Title: Enter the suitable title for the 

Features: Select the features to be displayed on the product designer tools.

Select Status: Select “Enable” to enable the designer features.

Now scroll down to the Assign Products and assign the products to this designer rule. 

After assigning the products press the “Save Designer Features” to save the designer feature in your store.


After configuring all the fields from the backend the features will work accordingly. For instance, if you have selected Alignment, Layer, Flip, Tools in the “Features” field here is how it will look on the frontend.

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