What is ‘Manage Brand Groups’ in my Web to Print Store?

This feature lets you manage Brand Groups in your web to print store to display brands group-wise. Let’s manage the brand groups in your stores.


 Navigate to Theme Flare ➤ Configuration ➤ Manage Brand Groups, you will land on the “Manage Brand Groups” page.     

You can add a new brand group by pressing the “Add New Brand” button from the upper-right corner.

Grout Name: Enter the suitable group names. I.e. Footwear, Clothing, Sunglasses etc. 

URL Key: Enter the URL 

Position: Set the position of the group.

Status: Select the status for this group from Enable/Disable. 

Show in Sidebar: Select “Enable” to display the group in the sidebar.

After filling all the fields click on the “Save Group” button to save it in your store. 

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