What is Custom Fonts Manager?

With the purchase of any one of the Brush Your Ideas’ essential or premium packages the admins are provided with 200 built in generic google fonts. But what if your customers are not satisfied with those 200 default fonts. This is when a custom fonts manager add-on comes into picture. Brush Your Ideas’ custom font manager add-on is  a data-library tool built specifically to provide more font options to your end-customers. It is. With the purchase of this add-on you can get 900 additional fonts.

But what if the customers are still not satisfied? Do not worry, because admins will also get an add font option along with this add-on. YES! Admins can easily add the font of their choice for their customers. With the help of the custom font manager, admins can also enable/disable any fonts for their store and multiple websites. You can get this add-on integrated on your webstore by paying a one-time price of just $349.

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