What is Clipart Library?

Our Designer tool comes up preloaded with 2000+ SVG visuals. The customer can use these cliparts to add some elegant look to a product. Not only can they preview these cliparts but also they can customize the cliparts like changing color, opacity, Skew, and clipart position.

Backend View

Find this clipart library into Product Designer ➤ Manage Clipart Categories.

Note: These cliparts are for our demo store.

Here you can manage your cliparts, clipart categories, delete any clipart, enable and disable clipart.

Read the clipart configuration guide that will help you in managing clipart categories, tags, and enable clipart features in your online store.

Front End View

After configuring clipart from the backend, your customers can use cliparts from the clipart tab on the left side of the Designer Tool. The shopper can also use clipart by easy search or finding the clipart under the categories section. 

The shopper can change color from the Image Effects from the ‘Designer Tools’ tab (right side). They can adjust the alignment of the clipart, Front/Back positions by Layer, rotate, and flip horizontal & vertical.

Note: The customers can crop the Clipart Images but the cropping will not be applied on SVG format images.

Isn’t it an amazing feature for the online product customization tool, guess what!! you can also upgrade your library to 10000+ cliparts by securing an add-on feature along with essential or premium packages.

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