What does B2B Marketplace mean?

B2B marketplace is a platform where businesses can sell goods and services to other businesses. B2B is an abbreviation of “Business to Business”. It is quite similar to the B2C marketplace, but in B2C you are selling goods to the customers whereas in B2B you are dealing with other businesses.

Depending on the nature of B2B selling, B2B marketplace can also be called by other names, including a B2B trading platform, B2B procurement, or sourcing website, B2B portal, and much more. 

B2B has an entirely different target audience and offers the products, raw materials, semi-finished parts, services that other businesses require. 

Well Known B2B marketplace

There are a lot of notable marketplaces today, due to technological advancement. Here are some of the popular B2B marketplaces.

Amazon Business





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