What are WooCommerce Tax Settings?

Woocommerce tax enhancement lets the users display the Product prices including tax or excluding tax as per their need. You can set the Tax Options under the Tax in the WooCommerce backend. 

  • To set up the inclusion/exclusion of tax to be displayed with the Product price, Log in to your WooCommerce Backend and navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Tax.
  • Here you will find several options that can be set to suit your needs to enter the Prices with tax (inclusive) or without tax (exclusive).
  • If you want to show ‘Price with Tax’, click on Yes, I will enter prices inclusive of tax.
  • If you want to show ‘Price without Tax’, click on No, I will enter prices exclusive of tax.
  • Select the Including Tax or Excluding Tax to display Price in the Shop.
  • If the entered price is already ‘inclusive of tax’, you can select the Excluding tax, it means tax is already calculated in the Product price and it will display without tax on the shop.
  • But if the price is entered exclusive of tax, you can select the Including tax, it means tax is excluded from the Product price and it will display with the tax on the shop.

Frontend View 

After setting up from the backend in Tax options, your customer will get the Product price with including tax or excluding tax in your Store

How will the Tax appear on the Product Designer Page?

  • The tax rate entered will travel from the Product page to the designer tool page. So, when your customer clicks on the Product from your Store to design it, the tax also appears on the designer page.
  • If the customer changes the attributes of the product from the designer tool page, the tax will not be displayed on the designer page, but when they add that product in the cart, the tax will be calculated in the cart total.
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