What are the types of Binding we can use for Photo Books?

Binding is the process to bind the pages of a print job together. There are many ways of binding but we are going to discuss some of the popular methods among them for photo books.      

Lay-Flat Binding  

Lay flat binding starts with a single-sided page that folds in the half with the print inside. Then one clear side is stuck to the contradicting clear side of the following spread in the succession. And the process goes on till it forms into a block.  


Spiral Binding 

It is one of the most economical binding choices available for small and regular books. Basically, it consists of the metal coil that runs over the length of the edge of the book. It goes through the punched holes in the covers and text block of the book. Mainly you would see this binding when you buy the spiral books for your kids. 


Perfect Binding 

Perfect binding is the process where the group of pages is bound together using gum to create, clean, and professional printed products. It includes printing one or more sheets containing sets of pages which are then spread out so once the sheet is collapsed, they make a gathering of pages known as signatures. 

These signatures are stacked which will form the spine. An adhesive is then applied to the spine before the cover is wrapped around them.


Side Sewn Binding 

The side sewn binding refers to the method of binding magazines and booklets by forcing the wire through the side of the signature. This printing method was used frequently because it untangled the binding process.

However, the side stitched books can’t be opened fully as it binds near the spine.


Saddle Binding

If you look at any comic book, magazine, or brochure, you’re probably looking at an example of saddle binding. In saddle binding, the folded sheets of the paper are settled one inside another and joined by staples through the overlap. 


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