What are the Dynamic Messages? How Can I Add Them?

The dynamic messages let you offer dynamic messaging to all your shoppers. With the Brush Your Ideas designer tool you can incorporate different types of dynamic messages. Let us configure it in your store


Login to the backend of the Brush Your Ideas. To add dynamic messages to your store go to Stores ➤ Configurations  ➤ Product Designer Settings, and scroll down to the “Dynamic Messages” section.

Fill in the following information

Design It Label: Enter the Suitable label for your design it Button.

Print Area Warning: Enter the suitable message you want to show to your shoppers if some objects are out of the printing area.

Low-resolution Warning: Enter the suitable warning message in case of image resolution is low.

Add to Cart Confirmation Message: Enter the confirmation message to be shown when your shopper adds a product to the cart.

After configuring all the information click on the “Save Config” button to save it in your store.


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