What are the Common Mistakes of Print Files?

Experience – is what we call our mistakes. Oscar Wilde said it better. We humans learn from mistakes. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, but not making efforts to learn from them is when we are making mistakes. With technological advancement, the industry has grown so much like never before. 

Even a small mistake can ruin your printing process and roll out money from your pocket. In this article, we will talk about one of the important printing processes, Print files. After all, the whole printing process is based on print files. Let’s discover some common mistakes you need to avoid in printing files. 

Using RGB Instead of CMYK 

CMYK(Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) is the color model mainly used for printing images. RGB(Red Green Blue) is the color model for digital screens. So make sure to roll the print files in the CMYK model. If you don’t know who to convert it to, you can use Pantone Swatch Book or Refer to this article. You can also take the help of some online tools by searching “RGB to CMYK” on the search engine. This will help you determine CMYK. 

Spelling Errors in the File                          

The spelling mistake is one of the common mistakes you have imagined. It’s Ok to make a mistake, but not in the case of spelling. After all, you are professionals; make sure that this mistake doesn’t call your professionalism into question. Chances are there, your shopper might lose trust in you. 

So double-check for such silly mistakes because they are easy to miss. Even reviewing more is also recommended to keep you on the safe side.   

No Proper Bleed

Not having blood in your design is a mistake made by most people. Basically, it refers to the artwork that extends the document boundaries. You should allow 3 mm for bleed, if you have large format items, then you will want to allow even more bleed room because of the larger size.

The inadequate bleed area can lead to printing delays. However, with the advancement of technology, techniques and software make it easy to set guides for the trim and bleed. 

Incorrect File Format for Printing

The file format is the important aspect taken into consideration, as many people make mistakes when it comes to this area. For your print projects, avoid .png and .gif file formats. Such formats are for the onscreen only and can’t be translated well to the printing process. For the perfect design, you need to send them in PDF format with the DPI measurements.

Proper Usage of Font

The font is the keystone of any design, so it must be chosen correctly. Each font has its own personality and reacts differently in the printing environment. Some fonts may cover under a specific license. For this reason selection of fonts is a very important aspect, along with the other considerations. So make sure your font must look good on the design and it isn’t covered under any licence.

Above are some of the common mistakes related to printing files. Make sure to follow the above-suggested advice and refrain from making common mistakes. Also, read our detailed article on the 9 common mistakes of print files and ways to avoid them.

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