What are the common methods for printing mobile covers?

After the printing techniques are introduced custom printing on mobile covers is one of the biggest businesses.  Online and brick-and-mortar shops, taking the advantage of custom mobile covers can be very profitable.

In this article, we are going to cover 2 types of mobile printing methods which are a very popular mobile printing method.

UV Printing 

UV printing method is one of the common printing methods for mobile cover printing and is quite simple. The cover is put to the UV printing machine which burns the facet of the cover using ultraviolet rays. UV light burns the ink at the exact spot on which it is scattered using the inkjet ink disperser in the UV printing machine.

The drawback of UV printing is that all sides of the mobile case can’t be printed and sometimes the ink is not permanent.

Sublimation Printing 

Sublimation printing is a two-step process. 

The first step in sublimation printing is printing photos on the transfer sheet which is going to be transferred on the mobile cover. The purpose of the transfer sheet is to transfer the photograph printed onto the object. hence, its name is the transfer sheet. Note: The transfer sheet only transfers ink at high temperature. 

The next step is to transfer the image onto the object. This step is done by fixing the paper on the sublimation phone cover using heat resistance tape, putting a metallic mold underneath the plastic phone case and heating it inside the machine until the print gets transferred. 

The print will never fade with the sublimation printing and printing can be done on both the sides of the mobile case. 

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