What are Product Designer Photobook Configurations While Adding New Products?

The photobook addon lets you offer a photo album customization service to your customer. The “Product Designer Photobook” section lets you configure the photobook at the product level. Let’s break the entire process.

Note: 1)It is mandatory to configure the “PhotoBook” segment in the “Product Designer” section.

  2) It is mandatory to create a blank product from the backend in order to create a new product.


Go to Catalogs ➤ Products, you will land on the “Products” page.

Now click on the “Edit” button for the existing product or the “Add Product” button for the new product and scroll down to the “Product Designer Photobook” section.

Fill the following information

Product Orientation: Select the Product Orientation from “Landscape” and “Portrait”.

Book Page Count: Enter the required pages for the book.

Add New Slide: Select “Yes” if you want your customers to add a new slide to the book else select “No”.

Output Type: Select the output type of photobook from “Coffee” and “Layflat”.

Select layouts: Select the layout for the photobook that has been added through the “Manage Photo Book Layouts” in the “Product Designer” section based on the orientation.

Design Ideas Templates:  Select the Design Ideas Templates that have been added through the “Manage Design Ideas” in the “Product Designer” section based on the orientation.

Spine: Select the spine that has been added through the “Manage Spine Width” in the “Product Designer” section based on the orientation.

Price Per Page: Enter the price per page for each page added by the customer.

Allow Add Page Limit: Enter the maximum page limit for the photobook.

Preserve Background: Select “Yes” to refrain the users to change the background, if the admin has created any template.

Front End

Here is how it will look on the frontend. From the left panel, your shoppers can customize the photobook.


Layout: From the layout section your customers can apply the layout to the photobook as configured from the backend.

Design Ideas: From the design ideas section your shoppers can apply pre-designed templates to the photobook configured from the backend.

Other features: Through other features, your shopper can add cliparts, custom images, shapes, on the new pages, and much more.

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