What are Design Ideas? How to Configure Design Ideas for Photo Books?

To add a design idea, click on Add Design Idea button and you will be redirected to the “Add Design Idea” page with the following design idea information to configure: 

  • Page Name: Insert a relevant name for Layout. Ex. Marriage Album, Office Group Album, etc.
  • Orientation: Select the display of the Photo Album either Landscape (horizontal display) or Portrait (Vertical display).
  • Main Image: Select the Main image for the Photo Album display.
  • Masking Image: Select the image to cover up parts in the image so that only certain parts of an image can be shown.
  • Background Image: Select the background image of the main image.

  • Status: Keep the design ideas either Enable/Disable as per your requirement.

Product in Design Ideas: Select the Product. Here you will get Photo Book products only.

After configuring the design idea information click on the Save Layout button. Thereafter a new Design Idea will be added to the list.

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