Print is Fading with my Canon Printer – What should I do?

Various factors lead to the issue of fading with canon printers. Consider these following points to avoid the situation of fading with a canon printer.

Is your paper appropriate?

Check your paper, whether it is usable or not, Also specify the size and typesetting properly. To know more about usable papers, check out this article. It will give you in-depth knowledge of what kinda paper you can use, including the sizes. 

Is your paper rough?

Have you selected the appropriate, that’s good. But also, look for the paper surface should not be rough. Because the print images may faint on the rough papers. 

Does your paper have dust?

Dust is another major reason for faded prints through the printer. So use the paper that doesn’t contain the dust or else it will result in a streaky printout. 

Is the machine is working in the proper environment?

The installation of the printer should be in the proper place. Avoid the installation of a printer where there is more exposure to wind. More exposure to wind can lead to faded print quality.

Is the amount remaining in toner and drum cartridge is running low?

Check the number of fillings in the toner and drum cartridges how much is left, and replace the cartridges if necessary. Regardless of the time, the drum and toner cartridge should reach the end of its lifetime depending on the environment or the materials inside it. 

Do you print on the backside?

Printing on both sides of the paper can also lead to a faded print. So try to avoid printing on both sides of the paper to avoid fading. 

Above are some of the factors you can consider to avoid the fading of print with the canon printer. If you need help related to printing issues feel free to contact us or you can refer to the user manual of Canon.

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