Output Format and Challenges while Printing

Output Formats

PDF is ideal for printing, especially graphic design posters and flyers. However, PNG and TIFF formats work considerably best for printing projects. However, the file tends to very large in PNG. If are working with photos you can also print in JPEG or TIFF format. Different formats store the data of an image differently. 

Challenges you can Face while Printing

Printing takes too long

You might have face an issue of slow printing, which is caused due to the high-resolution settings, or a memory issue.

Due to the high-resolution images have more data for your printer so it slows down the process. If you are not looking for high-quality documents then you can print the file in normal mode. And again you can switch back it to high-quality settings when wanted.

Paper Jams

Another cause for slow down printing is the paper jams.

 Firstly inspect the paper path and remove any jammed material, remove jammed paper straightly and not tear it. If the paper is stuck between the rollers you must follow the user guide or you can browse it online. 

Bad looking Print

Sometimes your printer works perfectly but the end result is terrible. The quality of the print can be poor or it can be faded type.

Check the print driver to make sure you have selected the correct paper. Double-check the paper loaded in the printer is the same as selected in the printer driver. Check the cartridges, imaging units, and fuser for damage. These parts vary by model or manufacturer so its best to go through the guide.

Printer isn’t Printing 

You might face it that your printer is not printing and also this issue ranks high in the printing challenges list. 

Firstly, check all printing jobs are sent to the right printer; you may print dozens of documents in the next department. Make sure to put enough and the correct kind of paper in the tray. While you are on it confirm that all the cables are secured and the printer is on. Print drivers must be installed on your computer you are printing from. With the two-way communication, print drivers can tell you whats the issue via desktop or driver notification.

Finally, if your printer doesn’t work the easiest solution is to restart your printer. If that doesn’t work reboot your computer. In the end, switch off your printer for a few minutes before starting it back.

Outdated Technology

Your printer works good for you,  and you have attached to it and has all the configurations exactly as you want them. And yet, you started noticing hiccups now and then. 

Accept a fact that it may be time to let it go, and replace it with the latest printer. So that all the printing job gets ease and the hiccups can be avoided.

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