Is bleed Bleed cut safe line Feature limited to the paper Industry?

Bleed Line: Bleed line is the area that all the artwork must extend to in order to ensure there are no black(or white) spaces left over after cutting the card.      

Cut Line: The line where the card printers target the cut is known as the cut line.

Safety Line: The safety line is a margin inside where all your content must be contained. 

While cutting something, card printers don’t always cut perfectly straight. This is why having a bleed area is so important if you have the artwork extending the edge of your business card. 

A safety line is important as it makes it easier to spot a cutting mistake on a business card if the text is closer to the edge, compared to if it’s a little bit. 

Bleed, cut, and safety lines are mainly used in the paper and metal industry for cutting the materials properly. 

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