How to Sync the Products from the PrestaShop to Brush Your Ideas Tool

To manage and Sync the product in PrestaShop, go to Catalog ➤ Products. Here you can find the Sync Status and BYI action column.

Here you can sync the product into the BYI Product Designer Tool backend by clicking on the Sync icon.

You can also Sync all the products at once by pressing the “Sync All” button. 

Enable Brush Your Ideas

For synchronization of the product, you should enable the Brush Your Ideas designer tool in your PrestaShop Store. Follow the below steps to do so.

Step1: Open the product in Edit mode for the existing product or press the “New Product” if the product is new.

Step2: Now you are at the Products Detail page. Scroll down to Enable field under the Brush Your Ideas section. 

Step3: Enable the Brush Your Ideas designer tool and “Save” the product.

Note: The products can take approximately 10 minutes to sync with the Product Designer Tool.

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