How to Set Up My Store Information

Store information gives information related to your stores like name, contact information, address, and much more. The users also appreciate this kind of information as they want more information regarding the store which they like.

For configuring store information, go to Stores ➤ Configuration, and you will navigate to the “Configurations” page.

Now, you will get the “General” tab after expanding ^  the “General” section. Now expand ^ and the “Store Information” section and you can set the store information for your store.

Fill the following details

Store Name: Enter Name for your store.

Store Phone Number: Enter the Phone Number for your store.

Store Hours of Operation: Enter the hours of operation for your store.

Country: Select the Country in which your store is located.

Region/State: Select the State in which your store is located.

Zip/Postal Code: Enter the postal code of your store.

City: Enter the City in which your store is located.

Street Address: Enter the Street Address of your store.

VAT number: Enter the VAT number of your store.

After setting all the information, click on the “Save Config” button to save them in your product designer tool.

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