How to Manage Image sides for the product

You can add an image of each side of the product for customization or restrict your customer to one side as well as per your product compatibility. This can be managed from the backend and will directly reflect your frontend.

For adding the sides to your product go to Product Designer  ➤ Manage Image Sides.

In this panel, you will get the list of all your image sides including its Status and ID.

To add a new image side, click on the “Add Image Side” button and you will be redirected to the “Add Image Side” page.

Enter the details:

Image Side: Enter the name of the image side (eg. Front, Back, Left, Right).

Status: Select the status of the Image Side (Enable/Disable).

Now, click on the “Save Image Side” button for saving this image side.

You can edit any image side by clicking the “Edit” button of that image side. After editing click on the “Save Image Side” button.

If you want to delete any Image Side, then select the Image Side and click on “Delete” from the “Action” dropdown. A confirmation message will appear, press “OK” to delete the selected Image Side.

You can assign these Image Sides to your Product from Catalog ➤ Products. Click on the “Edit” button of the Product to assign image side and you will be redirected to the “Product configuration” page.

Now, scroll down to the Images and Video section of the product and click on the product image.

The “Image Detail” page will open up, Now select the side of this image. In this way you can assign the sides to your image.

Frontend View

Front Side

Back Side

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