How to Manage Design Ideas for Photo Book | BYI V3.0

A Photobook is a perfect way to organize memories and to relive the past. But a perfect Photobook should have a robust design to make it appealing. With the design ideas feature, you can offer pre-uploaded designs to your customers. In this way, your customers don’t have to create the Photobook from scratch. All they need to do is apply the image and text. Here is how you can manage the design ideas. 

Login to Backend

Navigate to the Product Designer ➤ Manage Design Ideas, you will land on the Manage Design Page. Here you can see the list of Design Ideas along with their details like name, orientation, and current status. 

To add the design idea, click on Add Design Idea button and you will be redirected to the Add Design Idea page with the following design idea information to configure: 

Page Name: Insert a relevant name for layout. Ex Wedding Album, Office Group Album, etc. 

Orientation: Choose the display of the Photo Album either Landscape (horizontal display) or Portrait (Vertical display).

Main Image: Choose the main image for the Photo Album display. 

Masking Image: Browse and upload the masking image. The uploaded image will cover up the parts so that only certain parts of the image are shown. 

Background Image: Browse and upload the background image of the main image. 

Status: Keep the design ideas either Enabled/Disabled as per your requirement. 

After configuring the details, click on the Save button to save the configurations. 

Later on, you can edit any design ideas by clicking on the Edit button. To delete any design idea, select the design idea first and then select the Delete from the Actions dropdown and click on the Submit button.

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