How to manage custom blocks in the MegaMenu Configurations


Login to the backend. Navigate to the Theme Flare ➤ Manage Custom Blocks, you will land on the “Manage Custom Blocks” page. Now press the “Add New Custom Block” to add a custom block.

Block Name: Enter a suitable name for the block.

Block Type: Choose the block type to display the list of the block either from the ‘existing categories and products’ or ‘custom item’ by selecting the parent & the child items. 

Status: Select the status “Enable” to enable the Custom Block in your store.

Note: If you have opted for the “existing categories and products” you will get the Select Category section and the Product of the category. You need to select the category from the list and the list of the products. 

But if you selected the ‘Create Block Using Custom Items’, you need to select the ‘Custom Parent List’ and ‘Custom Child List’. The Custom Items which set as “Is Title” at the time of adding the Custom Items will be listed in the Parent List and Custom Items that did not set as “Is Title” that will be listed in the Custom Child List.

After adding the details, click on the “Save” button to save the custom blocks. Once the Custom Block is added, you need to configure the menu to select the blocks under a specific menu.  

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