How to enable/disable the product designer for my Shopify store dashbord

Through the Shopify store, you will be able to add new products as well as sync it with BYI. In this article, you will get to know about the way to enable/disable the product designer from my shopify store dashboard.

Navigate to your Shopify Dashboard.

Now, click on the View Products in Products section. 

You will land on a page where a list of products is displayed. There are two ways through which you can enable/disable the product designer :- 

  1. The toggle button in the Action column is one among the two ways. You can enable/disable each product through the toggle button present here.

  2.The second way is to select the products by clicking on the checkboxes and when the Action drop down menu will be displayed select Enable Product Designer or Disable Product Designer option. 

Once you enable or disable the product designer, a success message will appear. 

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