How to Enable Brush Your Ideas Tool for a Product in WooCommerce

To enable Brush Your Ideas into WooCommerce Standalone Solution, navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> BYI Settings tab.

By clicking on the “BYI Settings” tab, you will find the two sub-tabs named Customization and Configuration.


Now, you need to insert the URL of the “product designer tool” and API-related details to integrate and configure the Product Designer tool (BYI 3.0) and WooCommerce store.

You need to insert the following details for the configurations:

> Product Designer URL   > Consumer Key   > Consumer Secret > Access Token   > Token Secret

After everything is set up, click on the Save Changes button to save the changes.

BYI-WooCommerce Solution also enables you to access and synchronize data of the following WooCommerce modules into the Designer Tool backend: Product Categories, Products, Orders, Users (Customers).


In the customization section, you can customize the setup of the “Design It” button.

Design Tool Button Text: Insert the text caption for the “Design it” button. 

Custom Css: Insert the custom Css to customize the “Design It” button. 

Want design button on list page?: Checkmark this option to enable the “Design It” button at the list page. 

Remove add to cart button for design products?: Show/hide the “Add to cart” button from the design products.

After all the configurations, click on the Save Changes button. 

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