How to Enable Brush Your Ideas Tool for a Product in Shopify

To enable ‘Brush Your Ideas’ for a product, in shopify follow the below mentioned steps carefully: 

  • Navigate to Shopify Dashboard, Apps > Brush Your Ideas > Products. You will get to the list of the products.
  • When you have added a new product, you must ‘Sync’ the product by clicking on the “Sync Now” button for the first time. This will also enable the Product Designer tool. 
  • Although. you do not need to enable it manually. You can ‘Enable’ the Product Designer for the product from the ‘Actions’ dropdown.
  • To disable it, you can select ‘Disable’ the Product Designer for any product from the ‘Actions’ dropdown list.

Here you can also Search, Filter, Sort Product List, and check product details by clicking on a product name.

Note: Product details will get updated only if they are synchronized already (Images will not be updated/changed, except the specified fields). The designer tool only supports the simple and configurable/variate/variable product.

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