How to enable a faster output feature for a particular product?

The faster output feature enhances the add to cart process for your shopper. Sometimes it might take more time while designing the product and then adding that product to the cart. To overcome this the faster output feature comes into play, especially when the product has multiple sides.  


To enable a faster output feature for the product go to Catalogs ➤ Products, you will land on the “Products” page. Now open the product in the “Edit” mode for the existing product or click on the “Add Product” button for the new product. 

Now scroll down to the “Enable Faster Output” under the “Product Designer” tab.  

Enable Faster Output: Select “Yes” to enable it, so that the selected product will be added to the cart without taking a long time. Adding the designed product with multiple sides to the cart will become faster. 

Note: You must have added the node to your server-side.

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