How to Configure Printing Methods Using Color Counter Wise

In the BYI 3.0 tool, you can manage the cost of the printing method by two ways:

In this article, we will discuss how you can charge the printing method with the Color Counter method. 

To manage the cost of colors based on the Quantity (Counter) that will be used in the printing of the product design, go to Product Designer ➤ Manage Color Counter Based Pricing.

By clicking on it, a complete list of color counts along with their respective costs can be seen.

To add Color Counter, click on the “Add Color Counter” button. As you click on it, you will be redirected to the “Add Color Counter” page.

Now, enter the following Color Counter details:

Title: Insert the Title for the method

Color Count: Enter the ‘number of colors’ that can be used during printing.

Base Price: Insert the base price for the method 

Price Configuration: Configure the pricing based on the quantity of the color. 

Click on the “Save Color Counter” button after inserting all the details. 

Later, we can Edit any Color Counter by clicking on the ‘Edit’ option from the ‘Action’ column and we can also delete Color Counter by clicking on ‘Delete’ from the ‘Actions’ dropdown.

Once it is saved you can apply it to the printing method by navigating to the Product Designer ➤ Manage Printing Methods. You will land on the listing page of printing methods. 

While creating the new printing method or opening it in the Edit mode you will be able to apply Color-Wise Printing

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