How to configure Google AdWords in my store


Go to Stores ➤ Configurations, you will land on the “Configurations” page. Navigate to the “Google API” tab under the “Sales” section.

Expand the “Google AdWords” section and fill the following fields.

Google Adwords

Enable: Select “Yes” to enable Google AdWords in your store.

Conversion ID: Enter the Conversion ID of your Google Ads account.

Conversion Language: Select the language which will be used for AdWords conversion.

Conversion Format: Determine the format of the Google Site notification that appears on the conversion page. 

Conversion Color: Define the color of the conversion color from the color picker. Or Enter the Hexadecimal value eg: FFFFFF.

Conversion Label: Enter the text label that appears with the Google Site Stats notifications.

Conversion Value Type: Determine the type of value that is used to determine when a conversion takes place. 

Dynamic: Specifies that conversion has occurred based on the dynamic order account.

Constant: Specifies that conversion has occurred based on the value entered.

Send Order Currency: Enables transaction-specific currency conversion values in AdWords.

After configuring all the fields, click on the “Save Config” button to save it for your store.

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