How to change the font size at the frontend

Brush Your Ideas’ Designer Tool provides unique text features for your customers to insert their favorite slogans, dialogues and one-liners on the products. You can offer various text fonts and effects. Users get 200 Fonts with the purchase of our Essential package and 900 Best performing Google Fonts (200 of essential and 700 with the add-on) with the purchase of Custom Fonts add-on. These fonts are provided in various sizes too. You can change the font sizes according to your will quite easily.

You can change the size of the entered text with the help of the size sub- panel. 

  • Select the text whose size you want to change. 
  • Now drag the size bar to the right if you want to increase the size and to the left if you want to decrease it.
  • You can also select multiple sizes for multiple texts.
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