How to apply multiple color text to the product

Brush Your Ideas’ text features provide you with a wide range of regular and custom colours to let you make your designs as colourful as possible. With the help of the Text fill feature you can fill the color to the added text. This effect is only available for text elements. You can also apply multiple colors to multiple texts. The below picture is the demonstration of how the  multiple colored text looks like.

Now let us take a look at how you can add these multi-colored texts in one design. As shown in the above picture, the entire text contains three letters “A” “B” and  “C”, all the three with different colors. 

  • Navigate to the product designer page for the product you want to design. Add the text with help of the text panel. In this case it’s “A”. 
  • Select the font color front the color panel. Here, we have selected the orange color. Align the text according to your will.
  • Now deselect the “A” text box. By deselecting the “A” text box, the text panel will show “Enter text” and you’ll be able to add new text again.
  • Now add the second textbox with the letter “B”. Select a different color for the same. Here we have selected the white color from the color palette.
  • Similarly do the same for “C”. Here, we have selected a green color for C. 
  • You can add such multiple colored texts in the form of words, letters, slogans or sentences. as you like. You can also add different colors for each letter of the sentence by using the above methods.Interesting right?
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