How to Add the Patterns From Backend

Patterns add up life to the product and give the product a specific look and feel. You can create a library of the pattern in your store. Your customers can apply these patterns to the product. Here is how you can add the pattern to your store. 

Login to Backend 

Navigate to the Product Configurator ➤ Manage Patterns, you will land on the listing page of the patterns. Now Click on the Add Pattern Category button and fill in the following details.  

Title: Insert the title for the pattern’s category.  

Store Views: Select the store view in which you want to display this pattern category. 

Status: Select the status for the pattern category from Enable/Disable. 

Pattern Images: Upload the images to this pattern category. Once you have uploaded the images, you can see them in the below list. 

You can set the Label, Position of the image, Price, Status and Remove a Pattern. 

After adding the patterns Save the configurations and it will be listed in the Manage Patterns page. 

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