How to add Testimonials to my web to print the store

Customer testimonials added can help your site look more valuable and trustworthy for those who visit your site for the first time. Testimonials along with reviews represent that you have provided some value through your services to other users and new ones can trust you. With the Brush Your Ideas Theme Flare feature you can add testimonials to your store which makes your site valuable and authentic.

So let’s add some valuable testimonials to your store.

Backend Configuration

To add testimonials to your store go to Theme Flare ➤ Manage Testimonials, and you will navigate to the “Testimonials” page.

Now click on the “Add New Testimonials” button and you will redirect to the “Add Testimonials” page.

Fill the following information

Status: Select the status(Enable/Disable) for this testimonial.

Title: Enter the suitable Title for this testimonial.

Position: Enter the position of the testimonial.

Company Name: Enter the company name of the client.

Content: Enter the content of the testimonial to be displayed on your store.

Live Site: Enter the Live Site of your client

Client Image: Upload the client’s image for the testimonial.

Sort Order: Enter the sort order for this testimonial to be displayed on your store.

Frontend View

After configuring the testimonials at the backend, here is how it will look at your store.

And you are also allowed to customize the testimonials like its background, position on the web page, fonts, and much more.

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