How to Add Simple Products to WooCommerce and Sync to the Designer

To add a product, navigate to Products ➤ All Products, click on the Add New button and insert the following information. 

Product Name: Insert the name of the product. 

Category: Select the Category for the Product. 

Brush Your Ideas Designer Tool: Enable this option to enable the product designer tool for the product. 

General: Set the pricing of the product. 

Product Image: Upload the image of the product. 

Now, Publish the product and sync it with the product designer tool. 

Product Designer Tool Backend 

Once the product is synced, it will reflect in the product designer tool backend. 

Now open the product in “Edit” mode and do the following configurations. 

Images & Videos: You can also upload the images/videos for the product from here. 

Product Designer: Enable the Product Designer tool for customizing the product. 

After adding the details, Save the product and Create the design area by following these steps. 

After configuring the design area, Save the product, which will be available on your WooCommerce store for customization.

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