How to Add Simple Products to Shopify and Sync to the Designer

You can add the simple products by following the below steps or you can watch our video to add the simple product to Shopify and sync it with the designer tool. 

Shopify Backend 

To add a simple product to Shopify, navigate to the “Products” section, click on the Add Product button and insert the following information.

Title: Insert the title of the product. 

Media: Upload the image of the product. 

Pricing: Set the pricing of the image. By enabling the Charge tax on this product tax rule as per backend will be applied. 


  • SKU: Set the SKU for the products. 
  • Barcode: Set the Barcode for the products.
  • Track Quantity: Enable this option to track the quantity of this product. 
  • Continue selling when out of stock: Enable this option even when the product is going out of stock. 

Quantity: Set the quantity of the product.  

Weight: Insert the weight of the product. 

Collections: Select the collection of the product.   

Product Status: Keep the status “Active” to enable the product to sell.

After inserting all the information, Save the product.  

Once the product is added, navigate to the Apps section and open the “Brush Your Ideas Designer Tool” app. Click on the View Products and Sync the newly added product to the designer tool. 

Product Designer Tool Backend

After syncing, the newly added products will be visible in the Catalogs ➤ Products. Now open the newly added product in edit mode and do the following configurations. 

Images & Videos: Upload the images & Videos for the product. 

Product Designer: Enable the product designer tool in the backend. 

Now set the design area of the product by following these steps.

After configuring the design area, Save the product, which will be available on your Shopify store for customization.

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