How to Add New Pages to the Web to Print Store

Pages are the most important part of the website which engages the customer to your website. The page provides details to your customer regarding your business like contact details, products, experience, goals, and much more.

With our web to print store, you can add the end number of pages to your website which will truly help you in building a good interaction with your customers.

Backend Configurations 

To add a new page to your web to print store, go to Theme Flare ➤ Manage Pages, and you will get an information grid related to your pages.

Now, click on the “Add New Page” button to add a new page to your store and you will redirect to the “New Page” page.

Enter the details:

Enable Page: Toggle “Yes” if you want to enable the page to your store.

Page Title: Enter the Page Title for your page.

Content Heading: Enter the heading for your content.

Content: Enter the content for your page like the short or long description.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Enter the details like URL key, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Description to improve the ranking of your page on the search engine results page.

Page in website: Select the website to which you want this page to be enabled.

Layout: Select the layout for the page from “1 Column”, “2 columns and left bar”, ”2 columns with the right bar”, and “3 columns”.

Custom Layout Update: Select the custom layout, if any.

Custom Design Update: In this section, you can update custom designs for a predetermined time, along with a new theme, and new layout.

After filling all the details click on the “Save” button to add a new page to your website.

Delete Page

To delete a page, select the page and click on the “Delete” button from the “Action” dropdown menu. After hitting the “Delete” button a confirmation message will open, now click on the “OK” button to perform a delete action.

Enable Or Disable Page

You will get the enable or disable the option in the “Action” dropdown menu. Just select a page and click the “Enable” button to enable the page or click the “Disable” to disable the page.

Edit Page

To edit a page, click on the “Edit” button under the actions tab and you will redirect to the “Edit Page” page. Here, you can edit the pre-existing page as per your requirements.

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