How to Add/Manage Customer Account Information

Brush Your Ideas provides a whole section for managing customers where admins can manage their customers easily. The customer option can be found on the ‘Customers’ option on the left panel in the Magento Backend.

By clicking on it you’ll get 3 options:

  1. All Customers: By selecting this option, you’ll be redirected to a workspace where you’ll be able to view the list of your customers.
  • Here, you can quickly apply mass-actions like subscribe/unsubscribe to a newsletter. 
  • You can assign a customer to a certain group.
  • You can add, edit and delete a customer.
  • Additionally, under these settings you can also export/import customer lists. 
  • If you click on any customer on the currently selected list, you can edit their personal information.
  • You can overview a particular customer’s order history, product reviews, billing information and other important data.

To add a new customer: Follow these steps in order to add a new customer.

Navigate to Customers > All Customers > Here, on the top right corner click the “New Customer” button. This will lead you to the “New Customer” page.

Here you’ll be asked to fill the details of the customers.

  • Associate to Website: Select the appropriate website with which the customer is associated to. If your Magento installation has multiple websites, you can edit the scope to associate the customer with a specific site. 
  • Group: Select the customer group that you want to assign them to. It can be retailer, wholesaler etc. according to your choice.
  • Name Prefix: Enter the prefix of the customer’s name.
  • First Name: Enter their first name. 
  • Middle Name/Initial: Enter their middle name. 
  • Last Name: Enter the last name
  • Name Suffix:  Enter the suffix of the customer’s name.
  • Email: Enter the email of the customer. 
  • Date of Birth: Enter the DOB of the customers.
  • Tax/VAT Number: Enter the VAT number or the Tax number. 
  • Gender: Enter the gender of the customer. 
  • Send Welcome Email From: Select the site from which you want to send the welcome emails to the customer. 
  •  Vertex Customer Code: You can also give various customer codes to your customers.

After filling all these details, click on “save customer”. You can also save it and continue to edit it by clicking the “Save and continue” button. You can reset the whole page by clicking on the “reset” button.

Note: To manage or make changes in customer information, all you need to do is navigate to Customers > All Customers > Here, find the customer for which you want to change the details and click on it and you’ll be redirected to the “edit customer” page.

  1. Now Online: Here, you’ll see all visitors who are currently viewing your website
  2. Customer Groups: You can see your groups of customers, such as general, retailer, wholesaler and their tax class. To know more about Customer groups visit here.
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