How to Add Categories

If you have a range of products then it becomes easier to manage it by creating categories. 

Login to Backend 

Navigate to the Catalog ➤ Categories and on the left side you can see the already created categories. insert the following details to add the category. 

Enable Category: Switch to “Yes” to enable the category. 

Include in Menu: Switch to “Yes” to include it in Menu.

Category Name: Insert the name of the category.

Enable Category for Tool: Switch to “Yes” to enable the category for the tool. 


Category Thumbnail Image: Upload the Category Thumbnail Image. 

Featured Image: Upload the featured image. 

Category Image: Upload the image to be displayed as category image.

Description: Insert the content for the category. 

Add CMS Block: Select the CMS block for the category. 

Display Settings

Display Mode: Select the mode of display for the category. 

Anchor: Switch to “Yes” if you want to make it a anchored category. 

Available Product Listing Sort By: Make the selection of how you want to sort the product. 

Default Product Listing Sort By: Select the default sorting option. 

Search Engine Optimization

URL Key: Insert the URL Key for the category.
Meta Title: Insert the meta title for the category. 

Meta Keywords: Insert the Keyword for the category.

Meta Description: Insert the description for the category. 

Products in Category: Select the products you want to keep in this category. 


Use Parent Category Settings: Switch to “Yes” if you want to use the Parent Category Setting.

Theme: Select the theme for the category. 

Layout: Select the Layout for the category.

Apply Designs to Products: Switch to “Yes” if you want to apply designs to the product. 

After inserting all the information click on the Save button.

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