How to add background patterns

The shopper can also add background patterns to the product to add a spicy look. The customers can only use those patterns which are added or enabled by the admin on the backend.

Backend Configuration

To set a custom design pattern go to Product Designer ➤ Manage Clipart Categories and assign the category as a pattern.

Frontend view

After assigning the category as patterns, your shopper can use these patterns on the product. You can offer a library of patterns, so the users can use and apply it easily. You can upload the patterns from the backend in the pattern category.

The Background pattern will be available under the background tab on the left side of the “Designer Tool”.

Customers can also customize the image from the right side of the “Designer Tool”. Various operations can be applied to the pattern such as:

Pattern Type

Repeat Pattern: Select this to repeat the pattern on the canvas.

No Repeat: Select this to use a single image as a pattern.

Repeat X pattern: Select this to repeat the pattern horizontally.

Repeat Y pattern: Select this to repeat the pattern vertically.

Pattern Size: Select the size of the pattern to set the zoom of the pattern.

Pattern Offset: This helps you in adjusting the pattern horizontally and vertically.

Pattern Padding: You can set the padding between images of the patterns.

Opacity: Adjust the opacity of the patterns.

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